First United Methodist Church Mont Belvieu
Thursday, December 08, 2016
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Estimate Giving Card

Estimate of Giving Cards
Dear Church Family – this will be the final week of reminders to our Church Family to prayerfully consider their commitment to the church and submitting of the Estimate of Giving Cards. The return of these cards are important for so many reasons – most importantly, it is a way for you to be intentional in how you want to support your church and the important work done within and through your church.
Thank you for taking the time to complete the Estimate of Giving Card and bringing it to church on Sunday. If you do NOT HAVE your Estimate of Giving Card handy or would prefer to simply respond to this email, feel free to use the form below and email it back to the church office at
FUMCMB Estimate of Giving Card
$___________ 12 month Total          Anticipated schedule and amount:
$________ Weekly for 52 Weeks
$________ Monthly for 12 months
$________ Quarterly
$________ Annually
Name and Address:
Preferred Method of Sending of Gifts: ____ Check ____Online